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Healthy Natural Nails (HNN) is an accumulation of products that I have found to be real, not fluff. 

This is not a big corporation, it's just me offering the products that I use in my everyday life as a nail technician of 38 years.

 It's a story that is still progressing and building a career that is exciting and fulfilling.  I'm just sharing what I've learned. 

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Natural Nail Care System
Each System Includes: Crystal Stone for filing and shaping nail. High Quality Fabric Pads: #1 Clean- #2 Condition- #3 Shine- Nail and Cuticle Oil- All in a stylish carrying case. Can be washed with soap and water. Nail Kit with Oil
Natural Nail Care System Testimonial:

I purchased a set at the Calgary stampede in July 1995
I still have the original paper in the pouch.
It's one of the truly amazing products you can buy that truly are amazing.

I have been using it for 24 years and my nails are in great shape,strong
with no issues
It's the best $32 I've ever spent.

A couple of the clean and shine pads are starting to show signs of aging
but the stone is as good as the day I bought it.

I have used it on myself , my children and my hubby
I think everyone should use this system.
Just thought I'd let you know.

Jo Masi